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An incredible journey -  One amazing story 

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Janice and Ralph Raddatz went on a historic journey  in 2009. Janice rode the Pacific Crest Trail from late April to mid October. She started at the Mexican  border and rode the 2656 mile PCT to northern California and then from the Canadian border in Washington State to Oregon. Her years of horse experience and long distance riding  was put to the test to conquer the rigors of six months in the saddle. Her faith was put to the test when  she and her beloved horses fell on a mountainside.  

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          Janice           Ralph       William

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The American Adventure

In 2007, Ralph and Janice took two horses and a dog and went West. It was their first time west of Texas other than a flight to Colorado to ski. After many years of marriage, they were finding they were drifting apart, no longer having common interests or goals. In an attempt to reconnect with each other they pursued one of each of theirs interests: Ralph's was traveling, Janice's was horseback riding. The American Adventure was a trip of a lifetime to combine two interests and two people, into one.

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